About Us

 Mike Barnes has designed and developed a number of fantastic game-changing products, such as, innovative automotive airbag technology, technology aboard first Mars lander, safer child car restraints, better car passenger safety products and innovative personal care products.

This time he invented a personal safety product for for his wife who gets off work late a night and has to walk through a dark parking lot to her car. His concern for her safety prompted him to develop the Just-n-Case, a personal safety product with a powerful strobe and alarm.

The Just-n-Case strobe/alarm attaches to the back of a cell phone case and is a spin-off of the SuperStrike flashlight that employs a unique folded light path optic. The innovative optical design makes it possible for a low profile flashlight design which is required for both of these products. The product is also handy for hikers to carry to scare off wild animals including bears.

The Just-n-Case also has a wireless charger for the cell phone which gives the phone two to three times the battery capacity.

The Just-n-Case does not need to be attached to the cell phone to operate properly. You can carry it in your purse if you don't have a cell phone with you.